Shoulder Aesthetics

Shoulders are body parts that closely affect the aesthetic appearance of both women and men. The fact that the shoulders are not in ideal dimensions affects the way the clothes stand on top.

It also damages the shoulder and back decollete, which are important beauty elements especially for women. It is of great importance for men to draw a strong and reliable image. For all these reasons, it may be necessary to bring the shoulders to ideal standards.

Shoulders are body parts that closely affect the aesthetic appearance of both women and men.

What is Shoulder Aesthetics?

Shoulder aesthetics closely affects aesthetic beauty in men and women. The shoulders, which show the body much more shapely, are the elements that complement the physical appearance in the best way. For this reason, most people want to have broad and well-shaped shoulders. Shoulder aesthetics can be applied to people with narrow or lower shoulders than normal, in cases where there are congenital or acquired orthopedic problems, in order to bring the shoulder structure to appropriate dimensions. In shoulder aesthetics, not only the shoulder structure, but also other appearance details such as neck and nape shape, back and waist structure are important.

The ideal shoulder structure for women is broad transversely but also tapered at the ends, making the look elegant and aesthetic. For men, broad and strong shoulders are ideal. With shoulder aesthetics, it is ensured that the person has shoulders proportional to his/her own height, weight and physical structure. Meanwhile, sun spots, scars and other bad-looking spots on the shoulders are also removed. Therefore, it is aimed for the person to obtain a much more aesthetic and beautiful structure in general. Although the ideal shoulder size varies from person to person, it is usually adjusted to be one quarter of the height. It is also possible to eliminate other structural problems in the shoulder bones during the aesthetic operation.

Why Shoulder Aesthetics Is Performed?

Shoulder aesthetics is generally preferred by people who suffer from deformities or narrowness in the shoulder structure and therefore have psychological problems. Especially for people with narrow shoulders, not being able to carry clothes properly is one of the biggest problems. Another common reason for preferring shoulder aesthetics is low shoulders. Low shoulders and narrow shoulders damage the general body appearance and reduce the self-confidence of the person, the best treatment that can be applied to eliminate such problems is shoulder aesthetics. With shoulder aesthetics, it is ensured that the shoulders that are below the ideal dimensions are harmonized with the general body contours of the person and are ideally positioned.

Things to Consider Before Shoulder Aesthetics

Shoulder aesthetics is an easy and highly successful application, but there are minimal risks in shoulder aesthetics, as in every procedure. For this reason, there are some points to be considered before the operation. The most important among these is to stop smoking with blood thinners before the application. Since smoking carries the risk of infection and the use of blood thinners, bleeding, it is not recommended in the pre-operative period. Alcohol should be stopped at least 3-4 weeks before the procedure, so that the immune system remains stronger. Special conditions to be considered before the procedure are explained by the physician, so people who decide to have surgery should also pay great attention to these recommendations, which facilitate the healing process.

How Is Shoulder Aesthetics Performed?

Shoulder aesthetics can be performed with different applications according to the needs of the person. Shoulder aesthetic application, which usually requires fat injection, is completed in 1-2 hours on average. Anyone who does not have any serious health problems can have shoulder aesthetics.

  • If the width between the shoulders is below the ideal dimensions, tissue injection is made into the shoulders. Thanks to this procedure, which is applied to both women and men, narrow shoulders are brought to ideal proportions.
  • The fat cells transferred to the area by tissue injection are not absorbed by the body and have a similar task to the fat tissues of the region. For this reason, tissue injection helps to eliminate deformities when used for rounding and erecting the shoulder heads.
  • The excess fat on the shoulders that are wider and larger than normal can be removed by liposuction method and the shoulder heads can be thinned.
  • Shrinking the shoulders is especially preferred by people with short necks, because in this way, it is possible for the person to appear with a longer neck.

In some cases, an intervention to the shoulders alone may not be sufficient to improve the overall appearance. At this stage, neck aesthetics can be performed on the person. Fat accumulation in the neck, which is a common situation, damages the aesthetic appearance even if the shoulders are in ideal size. For this reason, in case of such problems, an intervention to the neck ensures that the excess fat collected in the area is removed and it is aimed to have the most aesthetic back and shoulder structure of the person. Laser applications are preferred for spots and scars on the shoulders. Thanks to such applications, it is possible to bring the shoulders to a smooth appearance.

A hospital stay is usually not required after shoulder aesthetics performed under general or local anesthesia, but 1 night of hospitalization may be recommended depending on the severity of the application. Full recovery is completed in an average of 1 week. Since general anesthesia is not required in cases where only laser is applied, there is no need to stay in the hospital and the person is discharged on the same day.

Is Shoulder Aesthetics Risky?

Shoulder aesthetics is a quick and easy procedure, so the risks of the procedure are quite low. Resting after the surgery and listening to the doctor's recommendations directly affect the success rate, so it is necessary to avoid sudden shoulder movements and to protect the area from trauma in order to minimize the risks of the operation.

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