Post Bariatric Surgery

Obesity surgery or bariatric surgery includes surgical procedures for the treatment of diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension and similar obesity-related diseases.

Many obesity-related diseases can be treated with bariatric surgery.

Bariatric surgery also offers a permanent weight loss guarantee.

Post bariatric surgery is applied to eliminate the problems in the body after bariatric surgery.

Obesity surgery or bariatric surgery includes surgical procedures for the treatment of diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension and similar obesity-related diseases.

What is Post Bariatric Surgery?

Obesity, morbid obesity and many diseases that develop due to these conditions can be treated with bariatric surgery methods. After bariatric surgery, deformities, sagging and similar problems may occur due to excessive weakening in the body. All of the operations performed by reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons to eliminate these problems are called post bariatric surgery.

Who is Eligible for Post Bariatric Surgery?

Persons who have undergone one or more operations within the scope of bariatric surgery operations and who have experienced a high amount of weight loss as a result of these operations are suitable for post bariatric surgery. If the weight loss process has stagnated and slowed in a period of 4 to 6 months, post bariatric surgery operations can be applied.

Which Procedures Are Performed in the Scope of Post Bariatric Surgery?

All operations performed by aesthetic surgeons as well as reconstructive and plastic surgeons can be performed within the scope of post bariatric surgery. The most common post bariatric surgical interventions are:


  • Face lift, neck lift and volumetric facial rejuvenation applications,
  • Breast augmentation, reduction and lift applications in women; gynecomastia treatment in men,
  • Arm stretching, tummy tuck and liposuction,
  • Sleep stretching applications,
  • Buttock enlargement and lift applications.


Post bariatric surgery applications should be planned specifically for each patient. Depending on the number of applications to be performed, a single session or multiple sessions can be planned. After bariatric surgery, a series of post-bariatric surgery procedures are performed in order for patients to have the body they want, but these procedures must be supported by lifestyle changes. Sports activities, exercise programs and regular nutrition make post bariatric surgery practices much more effective.

What are the Steps Followed in Post Bariatric Surgery?

After completing bariatric surgery for the treatment of obesity and morbid obesity and reaching the targeted weight loss; Within the scope of post bariatric surgery, a plan is made by aesthetic doctors to eliminate bodily deformities and problems. In this process, chronic diseases and all problems that may hinder the operation are investigated. After all necessary examinations and tests are completed, if there is no obstacle to the operation, the treatment process begins. The treatment process is planned according to the procedures to be applied, and after the operations are performed, the patients are followed up in the hospital environment.

The length of hospital stay of the patients varies according to the condition of the patients, the nature of the applications and the number of applications. Post-operative controls and things to be done should be carried out meticulously by the patient according to the doctor's recommendations.

What Advantages Does Post Bariatric Surgery Offer?

The treatment of obesity and morbid obesity patients is carried out with bariatric surgery and formal and functional changes are created in the patients' body. In this way, while giving a more aesthetic appearance to the body, problems such as psychosocial problems and lack of self-confidence are eliminated. Re-participation of such patients in social life is possible with post bariatric surgery applications. As a matter of fact, it is possible for people who break away from social life to gain the body they desire and reintegrate into social life.

The most common problem in post bariatric surgery is scars. The scars that will occur in the operations performed by specialist and experienced surgeons can be kept to a minimum.

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