Skin Care

Everyone can perform their own skin care at home. However, medically and professionally performed skin care gives much more effective results than home skin care.

With the deep cleaning process, providing the moisture balance, nourishing the skin, breathing and getting a brighter appearance can be realized with medical skin care applications.

Skin care stages differ from person to person. In other words, a separate treatment process is planned for skin with acne problems, and for skin that has to regularly apply heavy make-up.

What is Skin Care?

With medical skin care, a deep cleaning process is applied starting from the upper layer of the skin. While the accumulated dirt is cleaned, the sebum balance is re-established. The treatment to be applied is planned according to the skin type, age and needs of the skin. While providing an anti-aging protection with medical skin care, no side effects are observed. With this application, the aging of the skin is slowed down, the skin is cleansed and regains its elasticity.

Dirt and make-up residues accumulate especially in the upper layers of the epidermis. When the oils secreted by the skin are added to this accumulation, the pores become clogged over time. The skin becomes breathless and cannot clean itself. This situation disrupts the sebum balance and this is the starting point of many problems on the skin. Therefore, medical skin care is a necessity to avoid such problems and to protect the skin against aging. With medical skin care, all layers of the skin are cleaned deeply and without causing any damage.

In addition to all these, medical skin care with shorter definitions can be explained as follows: The skin is cleaned deeply and the pores are opened. The dead skin is gently peeled off the skin and the skin is renewed. Due to the opening of the pores, the conductivity on the skin increases and this makes the applied serum and vitamins more effective. Since collagen production is supported, the regeneration of the skin is accelerated and circulatory problems that cause loss of elasticity in the skin are largely prevented.

How is Skin Care Made?

For a skin that has not been given medical skin care before and has blackheads or similar problems, first of all, medical skin care is required at intervals of two weeks and for a few sessions. Having medical skin care once a month is considered ideal as the skin always has a bright and youthful appearance. The basic steps in medical skin care performed by professional skin care specialists in the medical environment are as follows:

  • The cleaning process of the skin surface and epidermis is carried out with products suitable for the skin,
  • Applied steam therapy provides a gentle cleansing of the pores,
  • Black and white spots that cause a bad appearance on the skin are cleaned,
  • The pore cleansing process is applied to the entire skin up to the décolleté area,
  • In order to trigger collagen production, help is taken from masks, radiofrequency or similar skin care systems,
  • A deep moisturizing application is performed on the skin.

If necessary, support can be obtained from additional applications to make the skin look much younger and healthier.

What are the Stages of Skin Care?

Since the structure and needs of each skin are different, skin care stages also differ from person to person. In other words, a separate treatment process is planned for skin with acne problems, and for skin that has to regularly apply heavy make-up. But in general, the steps followed in medical skin care are as follows:

Mini Consultation

This part is actually the period when patient expectations are listened and patient needs are determined. In other words, if the patient's expectation is to tighten, a treatment is planned for this, if the patient's expectation is to clear acne, a treatment is planned. In this process, the skin type is analyzed first and then the needs of the skin are determined. After deciding on the medical care products, additional skin care applications are planned if necessary.

Peel Preparation

A gentle cleaning process is performed and the epidermis is cleaned with dermocosmetic products suitable for the skin structure. The skin is prepared for a deep cleansing and purification process.

Removal of Dead Cells and Cleaning of Pores

Dirt and dead skin on the skin clog the pores. Products and devices for the needs of the skin are used to clean this dirt and peel the dead skin. On the other hand, due to the clogging of the pores, the skin's lack of air and insufficient oxygen, it gains a pale and lifeless appearance. The skin, which is free from dead cells and dirt, begins to breathe. This increases the vitality of the skin.

Steam Therapy

A steam is applied to the skin to open the pores. In this process, the fatty tissues accumulated on the skin are discharged and the skin is softened.

Acne, Blackhead and Whitehead Removal

Cleaning of acne, black and white spots on the skin is done manually or using special devices. Cleaning the skin and removing oil deposits are carried out without damaging the pores and without causing damage to the skin.

Final Cleaning and Disinfection

After cleaning the oil deposits, acne, black spots and white spots on the skin, the skin should be cleaned from all residues and disinfected. If this process is not done, the pores that are already open can be filled with dirt even deeper.

Skin Nutrition Application

In this process, various applications are made to preserve the bright and lively appearance of the skin and to make the captured effect more permanent. These applications usually include oxygen therapy, hyaluronic acid, various serums, moisture bombs, masks and creams or special dermocosmetic products containing vitamins A, E and C. It is of great importance to use quality skin care products in these applications that provide deep cleaning and moisturizing of the skin.

What are the Advantages of Medical Skin Care?

Medical skin care is a process that needs to be repeated regularly in order for the skin to have a much younger, healthier and more vibrant appearance. The advantages to be obtained if skin care, which includes a series of applications, is carried out regularly, are as follows:

  • In addition to activating the lymph system, blood circulation is accelerated,
  • Since a deep cleaning process is performed on the pores, the skin is allowed to breathe,
  • An anti-aging protection is provided,
  • Sebum balance is maintained,
  • Protection against skin stains is provided,
  • Loss of elasticity is prevented.

For a successful result and a lasting effect, all applications must be performed by professional skin care specialists.

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