Genital aesthetic applications, which can be performed with both surgical and non-surgical methods, help to correct the aesthetic appearance while eliminating functional problems in the region.

While only one of the genital aesthetic applications can be performed, several different procedures can be performed together depending on the patient's condition and expectations.

In labiaplasty, which is one of the most frequently used genital aesthetic applications, the lips of the vagina are surgically reduced and their symmetry is ensured.

In labiaplasty, which is one of the most frequently used genital aesthetic applications, the lips of the vagina are surgically reduced and their symmetry is ensured.

What is Labiaplasty?

Problems such as asymmetry in the lips in the genital area of ​​women create functional and aesthetic problems. Operations to correct this asymmetry and problems are called labiaplasty. The labium is the hairy and full big lips in the genital area and the small lips inside the big lips. Problems such as the inner labia being larger than normal, dissymmetrical or sagging can be corrected with labiaplasty. The outer lips are rarely intervened.

Problems that occur in the inner lips are usually congenital. However, hormonal changes during adolescence, the decrease in estrogen hormones due to menopause and related tissue weakening, aging, giving birth and sexual life can also cause problems such as sagging, asymmetry and color change in the inner lips. In addition to all these, excessive weight gain, trauma or vaginal-vulvar infections are also shown as causes of problems in the inner lips. If there is a condition such as asymmetry, sagging or elongation of the inner lips, shortening and shaping these lips, and filling the lips that have become hollow and loose, and making them tighter can be possible with labiaplasty applications.

In Which Situations Is Labiaplasty Performed?

There is no specific standard for the female genital organ, and each woman's genital organ may be different from each other. The demand from women for labiaplasty applications is usually due to their discomfort with the appearance in the labium region. Because, although the bad image on the lips causes sexual problems, it is also possible for these problems to reach emotional wear, lack of self-confidence and alienation from social life. Therefore, labiaplasty applications can be applied to prevent these problems.

The problems that can be caused by this situation in the genital area are not only aesthetic. As a matter of fact, drooping or larger-than-normal lips can cause problems related to hygiene, as well as cause irritation of the area or chronic infections. On the other hand, the image that occurs when wearing a bikini or similar clothes may not be pleasant most of the time. In addition, this situation is likely to cause problems in some sporting events. In addition to all these, problems such as pain or strain during sexual intercourse may occur. Since this situation will cause problems such as withdrawal from sexual intercourse and reluctance, undesirable results such as deterioration in bilateral relations and emotional collapse may occur.

How is Labiaplasty Performed?

Labiaplasty operation can be performed under local anesthesia, regional anesthesia from the waist or general anesthesia, depending on the size of the procedure to be performed or the condition of the patient. During the operation, the excess tissue in the labium area is removed. After the tissue is removed, the area is repaired again. At the end of the operation, the lips are reduced and the symmetry in the genital area is provided.

Depending on the success of the operation, the anesthesia method applied and the patient's condition, 1 day hospitalization may be recommended, or it is possible for the patients to be discharged on the same day. Patients returning home are recommended to rest for 2-3 days. It is necessary to wait between 4 and 6 weeks before starting heavy exercise and sports programs or having sexual intercourse.

Things to Know After Labiaplasty

Here are some points that patients should know and follow in order for the recovery to occur quickly after the labiaplasty operation:

  • Complications such as infection, tissue damage or bleeding may rarely occur after the operation. There are no such risks in operations performed by a specialist in a sterile environment.
  • Since the area is stitched, slight leakage or staining of underwear is considered normal.
  • It is considered normal for the vulva to become swollen, red and tender due to edema formation immediately after the operation. If recommended by the physician, cold compress helps to reduce edema.
  • The healing time of the wounds in the area is very short.
  • It is not necessary to remove stitches as self-melting and falling stitches are used. The time for the stitches to fall off is approximately 10 to 15 days.
  • Pain in the area is considered normal. Simple painkillers can be used when the intensity of the pain is unbearable.
  • The time to return to daily life and work is a few days.
  • If there is no problem in the healing process, the full recovery is completed in 30 days.
  • It is necessary to stay away from sports for a while that will create tension and apply pressure in the region, such as yoga, horse riding, cycling,
  • Activities such as pools and baths should be avoided for a while as there is a risk of infection,
  • Epilation and waxing should not be done before the healing is completed.

After the operation, all points recommended by the doctor should be applied and the prescribed drugs should be used as recommended by the doctor.

What are the Advantages of Labiaplasty?

Thanks to the methods developed today, genital aesthetic operations have become very fast and simple. The main advantage of applications such as labiaplasty is, of course, that patients can return to their work or social life within a few days. In other words, you can only do this during the weekend break and go back to work without anyone knowing. The main advantages that can be obtained with labiaplasty, which significantly affect self-confidence and quality of life, are:

  • Women regain their self-confidence and respect,
  • The image that occurs when wearing clothes that show the lines in the genital area is much more aesthetic,
  • The pleasure from sexual intercourse increases.

Labiaplasty is extremely effective in the treatment of problems that women often cannot express. Moreover, it is an application that you can recover very simply and quickly.

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