Under Eye Bruises

Under-eye bruises are dark circles that appear under the lower eyelids and are common in both men and women, especially after a certain age.

Dark circles under the eyes, which often occur due to old age, can develop due to various reasons such as genetic factors and insomnia. Dark circles under the eyes, which cause the person to look old and tired, can reach disturbing dimensions and negatively affect social life.

Although bruises under the eyes do not adversely affect the health status, they may require aesthetic intervention due to the cosmetic problems they cause.

The incidence of dark circles under the eyes increases with aging. Skin quality decreases over time.

What Causes Under-Eye Bruises?

Under-eye bruises appearing as dark circles under the eyelids; According to skin color, it has different colors such as blue, purple, brown, black. The most obvious cause of dark circles under the eyes is a skin problem called "hyperpigmentation", which is defined as excessive collection of melanins that give the skin its color in a certain area. Many factors such as hereditary causes, excessive sunlight exposure, insufficient sleep and smoking can lead to hyperpigmentation problem. Depending on this, dark circles may begin to form under the eyes, even if the age of individuals is young.

However, the presence of bruises under the eyes is not only related to hyperpigmentation and may be due to the following reasons:

  • allergies
  • Eczema
  • Inadequate or unhealthy sleep habits
  • contact dermatitis
  • Tiredness
  • Genetic
  • Hay fever
  • Excessive rubbing or itching of the eyes
  • overexposure to sunlight
  • Get old
  • iron deficiency
  • Cigarette consumption
  • Irregularities in skin color
  • sinus congestion
  • Thyroid diseases
  • dehydration
  • Some eye drops used for glaucoma

Who Gets Under-Eye Bruises?

The incidence of dark circles under the eyes increases with aging. Depending on time, the quality of the skin decreases and accordingly the rapid tissue loss, especially around the eyes, causes the skin here to thin faster than normal. Due to the thinning skin and the decrease in fat tissue, the under-eye skin becomes dimpled and begins to take on a darker color than the rest of the skin. Depending on environmental and genetic factors, bruises under the eyes that occur in everyone after a certain age are more pronounced, especially in people with dark skin color.

How Do Under-Eye Bruises Pass?

There are many methods applied to treat bruises under the eyes, but simple techniques applied at home are not enough to treat these circles, especially after a certain age. However, the following applications can be tried to improve the appearance of dark circles in the initial stage and early stage:

Healthy Sleep

Getting enough and quality sleep helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Since insufficient sleep affects skin quality adversely, it can cause dark circles under the eyes as well as other dermatological problems, and acquiring a regular sleep habit can help eliminate such problems.

Correct Sleep Position

In addition to sleeping for a sufficient amount of time, sleeping in the right sleeping position also has an effect on reducing the appearance of dark circles. Keeping the head elevated and using a pillow at the ideal height while lying down prevents the formation of bags under the eyes by preventing the collection of fluid under the eyes. Thanks to the correct sleeping position, problems such as puffiness and edema under the eyes can be prevented.

Cold Compress

Cold compress is often used in the treatment of swelling and edema, so a cold compress applied around the eyes can reduce the appearance of rings by constricting the enlarged blood vessels. Cold compress applications, which increase the blood circulation rate in the area and make it look more lively and fuller, can reduce the frequency of bags when done regularly.

Healthy eating

Under-eye bags occur due to the thinning of the skin by emptying the subcutaneous tissues, and this problem can be slowed down by gaining healthy eating habits. Healthy foods improve overall body health and skin quality, thus helping to prevent skin problems by slowing down the time-dependent decrease in subcutaneous tissues.

Besides these; Techniques that can be applied at home, such as massaging the eye area, putting cucumber slices or brewed tea, are effective in reducing the appearance of under-eye bags. However, the depth and dimensions of the ring in the person may come to a level that cannot be corrected with such applications after a while, in this case, medical or surgical methods should be applied for treatment.

Under Eye Bruises Treatment Methods

Under-eye bruises can be removed with modern medical techniques. The applications for this are basically divided into two main parts as surgical and non-surgical. Among the applications that do not require surgery, the most preferred ones can be listed as follows:


Filling applications, which help to treat under-eye bruises by eliminating tissue losses in the under-eye area, also help to remove wrinkles and sagging around the eyes. The under-eye fillers applied as injections last up to 1 year depending on the skin quality of the person, environmental factors and age, and can be repeated if necessary.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser skin resurfacing, which stands out as an effective method in treating wrinkles under the eyes, triggers collagen production in the area. This application, whose effects vary depending on the skin type and the frequency of exposure to the sun, can last for many years.

Chemical Peel

The chemical peeling application, which peels the dead and dirty upper layer of the skin and provides the revival of the new layer below, is widely used to treat under-eye wrinkles and bruises. In addition, it helps tighten the skin and clean the pores. It destroys old and dead skin cells and provides a brighter, more colorful and lively skin. The effects of chemical peeling, the results of which continue for several years, vary according to genetic factors and environmental factors.

In cases where these applications are not sufficient, other surgical aesthetic operations may be preferred. Aesthetic interventions, which enable the re-adjustment of the fat tissues under the eyes by lifting the eyelid, are one of the most effective interventions used to revitalize the eye area. Such aesthetic applications, which aim to remove excess fat from the skin that cause eye bags, are decided by the physician according to the age of the person and the density of the under-eye bags. In addition, synthetic implant or fat placement studies can be performed surgically under the eye when necessary.

When deciding on the most appropriate method for the treatment of bruises under the eyes, it is absolutely necessary to consult a specialist and, if necessary, to draw up a combined treatment plan. Treatment methods may include more than one application according to the age of the person, general health status, bag frequency and other skin problems.

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