Regional Thinning

Non-surgical regional thinning techniques provide the desired physical structure without the need for any surgical intervention or incision.

Due to living habits, age and genetic factors, even people with ideal weight may experience regional adiposity problems. Persistent oils that cause the desired clothes not to be worn are one of the biggest reasons behind the loss of self-confidence. There are many advanced regional thinning techniques applied to treat these problems that cannot be eliminated with sports or diet in a short time.

Anyone who wants to get rid of stubborn fat and excess weight that cannot be removed with sports can get effective results by choosing one of the different non-surgical regional thinning applications.

What is Regional Thinning?

Non-surgical regional thinning procedures are easy and effective techniques for individuals who want to get rid of regional excesses. These applications, which are widely used by both women and men, stand out with their advantages such as being effective in a short time after the procedure and not hindering social life. Anyone who wants to get rid of stubborn fat and excess weight that cannot be removed with sports can get effective results by choosing one of the different non-surgical regional thinning applications.

What are the Regional Thinning Methods?

Non-surgical regional thinning options are quite diverse, so many parameters such as the person's age, general condition, and target are taken into account during the application selection stage. It is possible to get the most effective results with the treatment method determined by the recommendation of the specialist physician.


Ultrashape, which is one of the most popular techniques that provides regional thinning without the need for surgery, dissolves stubborn fat in the body. No pain or pain is felt during the procedure, and the tissues or nerves in the application area are not damaged. In this respect, it is an application in which patient comfort is kept high and it is extremely effective in removing the accumulated fat in one area. This process, which generally melts fat stores and allows them to be absorbed by the body, is especially used in the hip, waist and abdomen areas. Sessions lasting approximately 1-2 hours can be rescheduled according to the needs of the person, and there is no problem in returning to social life after the application.


VelaShape, which helps bodybuilding, is a regional slimming technique applied using high-frequency red light energy. The application, which consists of a combination of different systems, aims to get the most ideal and effective results as soon as possible. The process, which tightens the skin while melting the regional excesses, is very effective in reshaping the body. By using a mechanical message mechanism, it stimulates lymph drainage and blood circulation, thus allowing the excess fat in the body to be thrown out in a short time. It is ideal for both slimming and tightening the body silhouette. Sessions lasting 40 minutes on average can be repeated 5-6 times, and the session duration can be increased if necessary.


BodyFX, which stands out as an FDA-approved technique, is used to reshape the overall silhouette by melting the fat tissues in the body with the help of thermal energy. It removes the heat of fat cells resistant to exercise and diet by 41-43 degrees and melts them with vacuum technology. It has a tightening effect in the melted area and is applied for both slimming and gaining fit and form. This process, which is carried out in sessions, is planned according to the needs of the person, and the sessions lasting 40 to 70 minutes are arranged as 4-9 repetitions. The application can be terminated when the desired body form is reached.


VShape technology, which helps to get rid of excesses in a short time by slimming the body form, enables the fat masses to be melted by using radiofrequency and ultrasound waves. It does not harm other tissues other than fat cells and therefore offers the advantage of direct effect. While tightening the skin, it corrects the skin structure and helps to reduce the orange peel appearance. The most important feature is that there is no pain, ache or bruising after the procedure. It is recommended to continue the process for 5 sessions for best results.


Cold lipolysis, which is one of the most used non-surgical slimming techniques, is very effective in removing the fat accumulated in certain parts of the body. By injecting under the skin with the help of medicated fine-tipped needles, it ensures the breakdown of the fat structures here. It is suitable for almost everyone because it is an easy, fast and effective method.

Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction, also known as "fat removal", allows the removal of excess fat from the body by laser and helps to lose weight. In this way, it has an additional tightening effect in the region and provides the improvement of the general physical structure. This frequently used procedure acts directly on the subcutaneous fat and can be applied to any body part where local thinning is desired. Fats that have deteriorated with laser liposuction melt completely in about 2 months and are removed from the body. Therefore, the main effects of the procedure appear within a few months, but the general appearance is improved immediately after the application. In addition, it should be supported by a nutrition and sports program.


SmoothShapes technique, which provides regional thinning by removing the appearance of cellulite, is applied with the help of a special device. There is a special light system inside the device that regulates blood circulation, liquefies the fats and allows them to be thrown out of the body. This system also creates a vacuum effect and ensures that the fluid between the cells is directed to the lymphatic system. Thus, the melted fats are quickly mixed into the circulatory system and thrown out of the body. In addition to thinning in the application area, cellulite appearance is improved and tightened.


PowerShape process in which 4 different techniques are used together; It consists of a combination of sound wave, infrared light, radiofrequency and vacuum applications. In this way, it shows many different effects on the body at the same time and helps to get the most ideal results. It has the properties of burning fat, skin tightening, treating cellulite and regulating body contour.


The radiofrequency method, which is widely used in melting fat cells with high water content, helps to weaken and thin. In addition, it regulates the appearance of cellulite both under and on the skin, and is effective in reshaping the body. It is among the most applied non-surgical regional thinning techniques and is preferred by people of all ages. The application, which has a high success rate, helps to gain the desired body silhouette.

Selection of Non-Surgical Regional Thinning Applications

Today, many people want to get rid of their stubborn fat and have a slim and fit appearance. Non-surgical thinning techniques applied for this purpose are often preferred because both the procedure time is fast and the effects are noticed after the session. However, since there are many different techniques in the market, there may be indecision in the choice of method. Since each application has its own advantages and disadvantages, an expert's opinion should be sought when deciding on the regional thinning technique. Many parameters such as the person's needs, genetic structure, body form and age affect the application selection.

With all this, non-surgical regional thinning applications are much more suitable for those who are not overweight and complain about the fat accumulated in certain areas. These procedures, which are not basically used as a weight loss method, are not very effective in overweight or obese individuals. In general, it is very successful in melting the fats that cannot be removed by sports and diet and in tightening the general appearance. It is not recommended for people with poor general health and chronic diseases to have regional thinning operations. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to consult a specialist physician and have the necessary examinations done before the procedure in order to get detailed information about both the technique to be preferred and the success rate of the procedures.

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