Abdominal Muscle Aesthetics

The area where the lubrication shows itself the most is the abdomen. This lubrication, which creates an unaesthetic appearance, is tried to be eliminated by both men and women with exercise and diet programs. In addition to all these, there are many factors such as body fat percentage, distribution of fat, eating habits, physical condition and sleep pattern in order for the body to have a muscular and athletic appearance. The manifestation of the abdominal muscles is an element of self-confidence, and it helps individuals to feel much more attractive. Individuals who cannot reveal their abdominal muscles with their own efforts can have an impressive appearance with abdominal muscle aesthetics.

In order for the body to have a muscular and athletic appearance, there are many factors such as the proportion of fat in the body, the distribution of fat, eating habits, physical condition and sleep pattern.

What is Abdominal Aesthetics?

Abdominal muscle aesthetics or abdominal muscle surgery can be applied separately for women and men. The abdominal muscles located between the navel and the chest area are 6 in men and therefore they are called six packs. In women, these muscles are only two and are located on either side of the vertical line in the abdomen. Therefore, abdominal muscle aesthetics performed by men are called six pack surgery, and abdominal muscle aesthetics performed by women are called two pack surgery. No incision is made on the skin, so it is not a surgical procedure. Therefore, there is no scarring on the body after the operation.

This body shaping operation helps people to have an athletic, muscular and fit appearance. During the operation, the fat tissue in the area where the muscles manifest themselves is preserved and increased; In areas where the muscles are hollow and not prominent, excess fat is removed with the liposuction method and thus the muscles in the region are clarified. It is essential to clarify the muscles in abdominal muscle aesthetics and no filling material or implant is used for this.

What are the Types of Abdominal Aesthetics?

It is not necessary to struggle for a long time to achieve an aesthetic and muscular appearance with abdominal muscle aesthetics. Moreover, the resulting image is extremely natural. Abdominal muscle aesthetics, which are performed painlessly, are applied separately for men and women.

Six Pack Surgery

Since the number of abdominal muscles in men is 6, this procedure is called six pack surgery. The liposuction and fat addition process applied during the operation is done in accordance with the shape of the person's muscles. The steps applied to make the muscles clear in six pack surgery are as follows: First, the fat on the muscle line is removed by liposuction. These fats are then injected into the areas where the muscles need to be clarified.

Two Pack Surgery

The number of clearly visible abdominal muscles in women is two. Therefore, this operation for women is called two pack surgery. In this operation, which is performed to highlight the finish lines of the muscles on both sides of the abdominal line, it is essential to remove the fat from certain areas with the liposuction method, as in the six pack surgery, and then inject it into the required areas.

Who Is Abdominal Aesthetics Suitable For?

All women and men who have completed their body development and have completed the age of 18 can have abdominal muscle aesthetics. At the same time, individuals who do not have the time and energy to implement strict exercise and diet programs can also apply for this procedure. In cases such as chronic systemic diseases, a doctor's approval is required in order to perform abdominal muscle surgery.

How is Abdominal Aesthetics Performed?

After deciding on abdominal muscle aesthetics, first of all, it is necessary to meet with a specialist and experienced aesthetic doctor. If there is no obstacle in systemic diseases or general health, abdominal muscle aesthetics is decided with the advice of a doctor. How prominent the muscles will be is determined by the patient's demands. The steps followed during abdominal muscle surgery are as follows:

  • The lines to be highlighted in the abdomen are determined and marked with a pencil,
  • General anesthesia, local anesthesia or sedation is applied to the patient,
  • In areas where the abdominal muscle should have a collapsed appearance, excess fat is removed with the liposuction method,
  • All the fats taken are brought together,
  • A sufficient amount of fat is injected into the areas where the abdominal muscles are desired to be curved and appear more prominent,
  • In cases where the fat taken is not sufficient, prosthetic or implant oils can be used.

The methods followed in both six pack and two pack surgeries are the same. In addition, if there are conditions such as sagging or loosening in the abdomen, tummy tuck surgery can also be applied in this process. Thus, both women and men have an athletic and muscular body in a very short time.

Recovery in abdominal muscle aesthetics is extremely fast. The bandage wrapped around the abdomen should be used for the period recommended by the doctor. It takes approximately a few weeks for the desired muscular image to be fully formed and revealed. Gaining or losing weight is undesirable after abdominal muscle aesthetics. Therefore, exercise programs and eating habits should be regulated. If weight is gained or lost and regular exercise programs are not applied, the results obtained may lose their effect. Infection development is not very common, but swelling or redness in the area immediately after surgery is considered normal.

What are the Advantages of Abdominal Muscle Aesthetics?

It is of great importance that the abdominal muscles are prominent for a fit appearance in both men and women. Although sports or diet are effective methods to have a beautiful body, genetic factors or conditions such as pregnancy can cause these methods to fail. Therefore, abdominal muscle aesthetics is recommended for a sporty image. The prominent advantages of this process can be listed as follows:

  • The operation is made through extremely small incisions and there is no scar after the operation,
  • It is possible to thin the waist area and reveal the waist muscles,
  • For men, it is possible to clarify the muscles in the shoulder, arm and chest area,
  • Muscle aesthetic operations can also be performed on areas outside the abdomen.

This operation, which is performed to achieve an athletic appearance both quickly and effectively, should be performed under the control of a specialist and experienced physician.

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