Butt Aesthetics

The appearance of the butt is extremely important in creating an aesthetic physical appearance. Buttock aesthetics is a very effective method for removing deformities and sagging caused by excessive weight loss or aging. Thanks to the buttocks aesthetics, while small hips can be made voluminous and have rounded lines, irregularities, asymmetry or post-operative deformities in the hips can also be eliminated. Thanks to this aesthetic operation, also called Brazilian pop aesthetics, women can have the hips they want.

Thanks to the buttocks aesthetics, while small hips can be made voluminous and have rounded lines, irregularities, asymmetry or post-operative deformities in the hips can also be eliminated.

What is Butt Aesthetics?

Deformities in the hips can have many different causes. As the most basic reasons, we can show rapid weight loss, lack of regular sports habits, lubrication and aging. Although rare, deformities in the hip may be due to genetic causes. The situations where butt aesthetics are needed are divided into two. The first of these is the cases where the butt is larger than normal and the sides are fat, the other is the cases where the butt is smaller than normal and its boundaries are not clear. Thanks to this risk-free procedure, it is now possible to have the desired type of hips effectively and quickly.

Methods Used in Butt Aesthetics

Three different methods can be used in buttock aesthetics: liposuction, prosthesis and fat transfer. The details of these methods are as follows:


In patients whose weight is above normal, lubrication is especially on the side of the hips. In cases where the butt is very large and causes discomfort to the patient, liposuction can be applied for the reduction process. It is an extremely simple procedure that only requires 1 day of hospitalization. Again, with the liposuction method, fat can be removed from the areas of the body with excess fat and these fats can be used to shape the buttocks. If depressions have occurred on the body, these excess fats removed from the body can also be used to eliminate the said depressions. The most common applications for liposuction are those where the buttocks are much smaller than normal, flat or indistinct.


It is also possible to use silicone prostheses used on the breasts in the butt area. In this procedure, which is performed through an extremely small incision, a silicone is placed behind the muscles to create a protrusion on the buttock. It may be necessary to use a corset after the prosthesis application, at the same time it is recommended not to sit on the area where the silicone is. Prostheses that make the hip look much steeper and fuller are neither too soft nor too hard. They do not contain risks such as explosion or leakage. It does not cause any physical discomfort for people and adapts to the natural structure of the hips.

Fat Transfer

If patients do not want to have silicone prosthesis application, then the procedure to be applied is fat transfer. If there is more than normal lubrication in different parts of the body of the patients, the fat taken from these areas can be transferred to the hip area. Excess fat is usually removed from the abdomen, legs and hips. Thus, patients get rid of their excess fat and have a straight and full hip. Although the hips have a much more natural appearance as a result of the fat transfer process, there are some risks. The most notable risks of the fat transfer procedure are:

  • In the butt area, the veins pass between the muscles. If a correct application is not performed under the control of a specialist physician, bleeding may occur.
  • If the oil is given to the wrong area, the oil particles can escape into the large vessels. In such a case, clot or embolism may occur.
  • Fat particles can enter the vein and reach the lungs or brain. This creates a blockage and life-threatening risk.

Therefore, it is of great importance to plan the area to be structured correctly before the operation. In the future, there is some melting of the fat, so there may be a loss of volume in the hips. It is possible to repeat the process in cases where the oil melts. Brazilian butt lift is also performed with fat transfer.

After Butt Aesthetic

In order to contribute to the effectiveness of the results obtained after butt aesthetics, there are some issues that patients should know and some issues that should be sensitive. For example, regardless of the method applied, there should be no pressure on the area for a while after the operation. In addition, it is necessary to wait 1 month before starting intensive sports programs. In this process, patients can handle their daily work on their own. In addition to all these, it is also important to pay attention to the following points:

  • It is not recommended to have butt aesthetics until the age of 18 to 20, when body development is completed. People under these ages must have a medical necessity, a congenital deformity.
  • If the fat transfer process is completed without any problems, it may take between 6 months and 1 year for the butt to take its full shape. Because the transferred fat has a melting potential. If the volume loss is more than expected after 1 year, then a second operation may be recommended.
  • There is no volume change in silicone prosthesis applications. However, it is normal to have some shape changes in the butt due to aging.
  • Gaining excess weight after butt lift surgery may cause the butt shape to deteriorate. If there is lubrication in the areas where fat has been removed before after butt lift surgery, this may disrupt the symmetry of the hip. It is not recommended for patients who have both fat transfer and liposuction to gain weight.
  • The method to be used in buttock aesthetics determines the duration of the operation. Therefore, it is not possible to give an exact time.
  • A minimal amount of pain may be felt during the operation. Anesthesia or painkillers can be used when deemed necessary.
  • Although it is a procedure that is mostly applied by women, men can also have butt aesthetics.

Do not forget that you need to work with an expert and experienced surgeon in order to complete the butt aesthetic process without any problems and for the patients to complete the whole process with satisfaction!

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