Breast Augmentation

The breast, which has a very important function like breastfeeding in women, is of great importance for an aesthetic appearance as well as this function. Especially small-breasted women want to have bigger breasts to feel better with self-confidence. Within the scope of today's health technologies, breast augmentation operations can be performed using different techniques.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery is the process of enlarging the breasts with silicone implants or fat injection in women with small breasts.

Especially small-breasted women want to have bigger breasts to feel better with self-confidence. Within the scope of today's health technologies, breast augmentation operations can be performed using different techniques.

With this operation, the breasts can be brought to the desired size. Volume loss and shrinkage may occur sometimes in one breast or sometimes in both breasts. Volume loss may occur due to conditions such as pregnancy or excessive weight loss, or it may be due to developmental defects. After the operation, women have breasts that are large, full, and create self-confidence with their aesthetic appearance. Breast augmentation surgeries involve placing a prosthesis under the breast tissue and enlarging the breast volume. During breast augmentation surgery, breast tissue can be recovered and conditions such as sagging or looseness can be corrected.

Who Can Have Breast Augmentation Surgery?

The most common reasons for breast enlargement surgeries are that women are not satisfied with the size of their breasts and want to have an aesthetic appearance. Because small breasts create a lack of self-confidence for many women. Apart from all these, people with the following problems can also have breast augmentation surgery:

  • Removing the disproportionate appearance that occurs on the body when the breasts are small and creating a proportional appearance between the hips and chest,
  • In cases where two breasts are of different sizes, creating an equal sized and symmetrical appearance in the breasts by using prostheses,
  • Volume loss or sagging may occur in the breasts after pregnancy; this sagging and volume loss can be eliminated by breast augmentation surgery.
  • Congenital absence of breasts due to developmental disorders occurring in the womb,
  • Removal of all or part of the breast due to breast cancer,
  • Implant or prosthesis replacement due to wear or loss of breast implant or prosthesis,
  • Rendering the breasts an aesthetic appearance in cases where breast development has been completed due to chest wall anomaly,
  • Breast creation in gender reassignment operations.

The success rate of breast augmentation surgeries performed by a specialist physician in a clinical setting is high.

What are the Breast Enlargement Methods?

Stem cells or fat tissue found in the body can be used in breast augmentation surgery. However, the use of silicones or silicones containing salt water is much more common. Prostheses are classified according to their shape, content and surface structure:

  • Prostheses According to Shape: Anatomical (drop) prosthesis, round prosthesis.
  • Prostheses According to Their Content: Silicone prosthesis, prosthesis containing physiological serum (saline).
  • Prostheses According to Surface Structure: Rough surfaced prosthesis, smooth surfaced prosthesis.

Just as body structure is important in determining what type of prosthesis will be applied, the doctor's recommendations and patients' expectations are also decisive.

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Where Is The Incision Made In Breast Augmentation Surgery?

After determining the method to be used for breast augmentation, the area where the incision will be made is determined before the surgery. There are 4 different areas where the incision can be made. These are the armpit area, nipple area, under the breast and belly area. The causes and consequences regarding these incision areas are as follows:

  • Nipple incisions are made in the brown area called areola. The healing time of this small, invisible incision is also fast. There is a risk of damage to the milk ducts in this incision method.
  • When the incision is made under the breast, the scar remaining is quite faint. In incisions made under the breast, there is no risk of damage to the milk ducts or the breast adhering to the chest wall.
  • When the incision is made from the belly or armpit, there are no stitches or scar formation. In this incision method, the placement of the prosthesis is performed endoscopically.

Although the most preferred incision area is under the breast, these methods are not preferred as bacterial accumulation will be higher in incisions made in the areola or armpit area.

How is Breast Enlargement Surgery Performed?

After deciding on the incision area, the patient is placed under general anesthesia. The steps followed during the operation are as follows:

  • Muscle and connective tissues and breast tissue are separated from each other,
  • A pocket is created in front or behind the muscle called the pectoral muscle, which is located on the outermost part of the chest wall, depending on the procedure to be performed.
  • The implant placed in the pocket is centered on the back of the nipple,
  • Implants containing saline are placed empty, sterile saline is injected into the placed implant,
  • In case of using a silicone implant, the implant is filled with silicone gel before placement.
  • After the procedures are completed, the incision is closed with stitches and a bandage is applied.

Although it varies depending on the type of application, the average operation time is between 1.5 and 2 hours. Although breast prostheses offer lifelong use, regular control is required to prevent any possible leakage or similar problems. Choosing a specialist surgeon is important for the success of the operation.

What are the Non-Surgical Breast Enlargement Methods?

If aesthetic problems are to be resolved in breast augmentation surgeries, fat injection is not recommended. Because fat injections contain stem cells, this is a risk factor for the breast, which is one of the most common areas of cancer development.

In breast enlargement operations performed without surgery by fat injection, the fat to be used for injection must be taken from the person himself. As a matter of fact, some people may not have enough fat to be used for breast enlargement because they are thin.

Therefore, it is not possible to enlarge breasts without surgery. Apart from all these, fat injection is not a long-lasting method for breast enlargement.

Because over time, some of the injected fat melts, causing a 40 to 50 percent volume loss in the breasts.

As a result, implant or prosthesis applications in breast augmentation operations are much less risky compared to fat injection. Although the demands of the patients are decisive, the physician should decide on the most appropriate method that can be applied after the necessary controls.

Breast Enlargement Surgery Prices and Details in 2024

In 2024 breast augmentation surgery continues to be one of the most demanded procedures in the field of plastic surgery. Many women in Istanbul and throughout Turkey prefer this surgery to have fuller and more aesthetically pleasing breasts.

Breast augmentation surgery prices may vary depending on the type of implant used, the surgeon's experience and the services offered by the chosen clinic. However, it is important to contact plastic surgeons directly for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

The best step would be to meet with a specialist plastic surgeon to get more information about breast augmentation surgery, evaluate different implant options and choose the one that best suits your personal needs.

Most Popular Breast Enlargement Techniques and Implant Options in 2024

Breast enlargement surgeries in 2024 are among the most preferred procedures in the world of plastic surgery. With the advancement of technology, breast enlargement techniques and implant options are also improving. Now patients can choose between natural-looking and realistic-feeling silicone gel implants or saline (salt water) implants.

Additionally, alternative methods such as breast enlargement with fat injection are also gaining popularity. Each technique and implant type offers different advantages and offers solutions to meet patients' expectations.

It is of great importance to meet with a specialist plastic surgeon to get detailed information about the surgery process and post-recovery period, to choose the most appropriate technique and to find the best answer to your personal needs.

You can make informed decisions by doing research to learn more about breast augmentation surgery in 2024 and choose the option that best suits you.

Breast augmentation surgery prices ISTANBUL TURKEY in 2024 vary depending on the type of implant used, the clinic, and the surgeon's experience. You should contact your surgeon to get information about average prices. You can contact us to get detailed information about breast surgery prices in Istanbul Türkiye.

There are many quality clinics performing breast augmentation surgery in Istanbul. When choosing, you should pay attention to the surgeon's experience, hospital facilities and patient comments.

The most commonly used implant types for breast augmentation are silicone and saline (salt water) implants. Both types have advantages and disadvantages, you and your surgeon should choose the most suitable one.

Breast augmentation surgery usually takes 1 to 2 hours. The recovery process after surgery may take several weeks, although it varies from person to person.

As with every surgical intervention, breast augmentation surgery has some risks. Complications such as infection, implant leakage or capsular contracture may occur, although rarely.

Heavy lifting should be avoided for the first few weeks after surgery, a sports bra should be used and all instructions given by the surgeon should be followed. Avoiding smoking and alcohol consumption also speeds up recovery.

In most cases, breastfeeding is possible after breast augmentation surgery. However, where the implants are placed and the surgeon's technique may affect the ability to breastfeed.

Breast augmentation surgery results are long-lasting. Bhowever some patients may require implant replacement over time, and factors such as aging and weight changes may affect your breast shape.

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