Dermabrasion; It is a cosmetic application that is widely used to remove images that damage the aesthetic appearance such as suture marks, scars and wrinkles on the face.

It is especially preferred by those who want to rejuvenate, as the post-procedure side effects are very few and the results are extremely successful. This method, which provides the removal of time-related scars and scars that damage the appearance, aims to peel the skin and make the person have a more lively skin structure.

People who undergo dermabrasion treatment have a more vigorous and aesthetic facial appearance.

What is Dermabrasion?

Depending on environmental factors, living habits and genetic reasons, deformations such as acne, blackheads and sun marks begin to occur on the skin. In addition, depending on aging, the depth of the scars increases and permanent wrinkles occur, especially when the mimic muscles are used. One of the commonly used aesthetic interventions to remove such stains and scars is the method known as "dermabrasion", which peels the skin and reveals the living skin underneath. Dermabrasion, which has a non-surgical application method, provides the skin with a more lively, soft and smooth appearance.

This procedure, which has no age limit, has a higher duration of action, especially when applied to the elderly. However, it can be preferred by anyone with a favorable general health condition. Conditions that prevent dermabrasion are as follows:

  • The skin is sensitive and unstable
  • Allergic reaction of the skin to cold
  • Acne treatment applied on the skin in the last 1 year

Having had facelifts done in a few years

What Does Dermabrasion Do?

People who undergo dermabrasion treatment have a more vigorous and aesthetic facial appearance, and this application can also be used on other body parts other than the face, if necessary. Observing the results immediately after the procedure is among the most preferred reasons for dermabrasion. This treatment, which revitalizes the skin by deep cleansing, is generally performed for the following purposes:

  • Elimination of scars and bad appearance caused by acne
  • Removal of scars on the upper layer of the skin due to accident or surgery
  • Deleting unwanted tattoos
  • Alleviation of wrinkles, especially around the mouth
  • Lightening of the skin color that has darkened due to external factors such as the sun

Advantages of Dermabrasion Application

Dermabrasion is an application that stands out because of its effects and high success rate, especially after the treatment. However, other advantages are listed as follows:

  • It purifies the dead skin in the upper layer of the skin and allows it to be cleaned and self-renewal. Therefore, it initiates a natural healing process.
  • Wrinkles, scars, spots and acne on the top layer of the skin are removed after the treatment.
  • Since it is applied mechanically, it offers a special effect to the area and can be used on different body parts.
  • It helps to improve the aesthetic appearance in a short time by removing the lower and upper layers of the skin.
  • It is completed in a short time, it can be applied to almost everyone.

How is Dermabrasion Done?

Before performing the dermabrasion procedure, it is necessary to listen to the recommendations of the physician and to have a general skin analysis. Treatment can be started with the appropriate conditions and the approval of the physician, but in order to get the most successful results possible, the following should be considered in the stage before the procedure:

  • Active acne should be expected to pass.
  • The use of blood thinners and vitamins such as aspirin should be discontinued.
  • Habits that adversely affect the healing process, such as smoking and alcohol, should be abandoned.
  • The physician should be fully informed about the drugs used and chronic diseases.
  • The skin structure should be found suitable for the procedure by the physician and the analyzes should not reveal that there is an obstacle to the application.

If these conditions are met, the person can take a day for treatment on the date recommended by the physician. Since it is not a surgical operation, it does not require any additional preparation or anesthesia. Complaints such as pain, ache, bruising do not occur during the procedure. During the application under local anesthesia, the upper layer of the skin is peeled off and the skin's natural regeneration is triggered. At the end of the process, which is applied with the help of motor and using sandpaper tips, the person has an aesthetic, lively and beautiful appearance.

The dermabrasion process, which is completed in an average of half an hour, can be repeated a few more sessions if necessary. It is usually planned to be 2 weeks between sessions, and the effects last for a long time. To maintain these effects, it is recommended to continue the treatment for 3-4 sessions.

What is the Post-Dermabrasion Treatment Process?

The effects of the dermabrasion procedure appear immediately after the treatment, but take their main form within 2 weeks. As the skin will continue to renew itself during this period, the results will gradually increase over time. However, in order to maximize the treatment effects, it is necessary not to be exposed to sunlight, especially after the procedure, to use protective creams and to listen to the other recommendations of the physician.

  • Return to work or study is not recommended for 2 weeks after dermabrasion. At this stage, the results that do not fit the face aesthetically may affect the person badly, but this effect will heal over time and completely pass.
  • During the recovery period, cosmetic products that will damage the skin structure should be avoided.
  • Excessive sports and sweating adversely affect the treatment effects, so it is not recommended for as long as the physician deems appropriate.
  • In the first 6-12 months, the skin should be expected to form its own color. During this period, it is of great importance to be protected from the sun's rays in the best way possible.
  • It is recommended to avoid excessive heat after the application and not to have applications such as saunas.

Dermabrasion, which provides gradual healing of the skin from the bottom to the top, is a reliable technique with successful and natural results. However, the permanence and level of effectiveness of the procedure are closely related to the choice of the physician.

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