Jaw Aesthetic

The chin is one of the areas that closely affect the face shape. If the chin is not structurally compatible with the rest of the face or is deformed due to subsequent traumas, the physical appearance is damaged.

If the chin is in the front, back, crooked on one side, or larger or smaller than normal, it can cause psychological problems due to the person's physical appearance.

In some cases, such deformities in the chin, which have become an important factor damaging social life, can be corrected by modern aesthetic methods today.

Jaw aesthetics is normally an easy, fast and practical application, but in some cases, it can be performed in combination with other treatment methods such as rhinoplasty and facelift surgery.

What is Jaw Aesthetics?

Jaw aesthetics covers all the processes of bringing the Jaw, which is different from the ideal criteria and does not fit with the facial features, to the appropriate dimensions. The Jaw structure, which is extremely important in terms of self-confidence, can be made aesthetic and prominent with Jaw aesthetics. Thanks to the Jaw aesthetic, which is preferred by both women and men, the physical appearance of the person is transformed into the desired shape and social adaptation problems are eliminated. For this reason, Jaw aesthetics is very important in terms of reintegrating individuals into society. Its advantages such as being easy to apply and resulting in high success highlight Jaw aesthetics.

In Jaw aesthetics; 2 different methods such as Jaw filing or Jaw tip aesthetics can be used. Jaw filing ensures that especially the wide and large jaw structure is reduced to ideal proportions with the bone rasping method. Jaw tip aesthetics is applied to solve problems such as the tip of the Jaw being too small and narrow, or standing behind or behind. These two processes can be planned in combination when necessary. Since the Jaw problems experienced vary from person to person, and everyone wants to get a different Jaw at the end of the procedure, Jaw aesthetics are planned individually. In this way, people who are uncomfortable with their facial features and general appearance make peace with themselves and like themselves.

Preparation Process Before Jaw Aesthetics

As in every operation, there are basic issues to be considered before the operation in Jaw aesthetics. Jaw aesthetics is normally an easy, fast and practical application, but in some cases it can be performed in combination with other treatment methods such as rhinoplasty and facelift surgery. This situation extends both the completion time of the procedure and the recovery period after the procedure. However, in general, Jaw aesthetics is not an operation to be feared and stands out with its highly successful results.

Before surgery; Necessary examinations and tests are performed to check that the person does not have a condition that prevents anesthesia. It is recommended to stop smoking and alcohol use 2-3 weeks before the procedure, and to stop the consumption of blood thinners 10 days before the procedure. When the day of surgery comes, general anesthesia is applied to the person first, and then the most appropriate treatment stages are started. The procedures applied at this stage differ from person to person, but the treatments carried out under the control of a specialist physician ensure that the person has the most appropriate jaw structure.

How is Jaw Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

There are many different procedures applied within the scope of chin aesthetic surgery and these procedures are planned individually. Many different procedures, such as eliminating chin deformities, eliminating crooked jaws or bringing the chin to ideal dimensions, are included in the scope of chin aesthetics. Therefore, the severity, level and duration of the procedure to be applied also change the recovery period after it.

Jaw aesthetic applications are carried out as follows:

  • First of all, the chin profile is evaluated from the front and side, and the most suitable chin structure is designed through 3D modeling software.
  • The procedures performed on the day of surgery are planned according to the needs of the person.
  • In order to reduce the long and pointed jaws and bring them to ideal sizes, the jawbone is filed.
  • Narrow and small jaws are enlarged by filling them with fat injections taken from elsewhere in the body. In the meantime, if necessary, bone tissues from other parts of the body can also be used.
  • The shape, size and structure of chin implants are determined in accordance with patient wishes and needs.
  • If there is a crooked chin, it may be necessary to move, shorten or move the relevant part of the chin to a new place to correct these deformities.
  • The presence of advanced jaw deformities may require replacement of the lower jaw bones. In this case, incisions are made in the lower jaw bones and the bones are shifted, thus eliminating the jaw asymmetries.

As a result of all these processes, the person has the most suitable chin for his own facial features and desires. However, an expert in the field should be preferred in order to draw up the right treatment plan and choose the right implants and injections.

After Jaw Aesthetics

Jaw aesthetics is an easy and fast procedure that takes 45-60 minutes on average, and the person's recovery process after the procedure is also very fast. At this stage, only a few days of bandage need to be wrapped around the Jaw, and the effects of the operation begin to appear immediately after the procedure. For this reason, Jaw aesthetics is an application that gives satisfactory and fast results. After the application, the person is discharged on the same day, but if the procedure is applied together with more difficult methods such as rhinoplasty, 1 night hospitalization may be required.

Mild pain and aJawg complaints may occur in the area after the surgery, but such complaints can be relieved with the use of painkillers prescribed by the physician. These symptoms disappear day by day, usually after a 2-week rest, the person can return to his normal life. In order to accelerate this period, attention should be paid to other issues recommended by the physician.

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