What is Back Aesthetics?

Back aesthetics is considered a sub-branch of body aesthetics and aims to improve the appearance of the back area. This surgical procedure is usually performed to reduce fat deposits on the back, to make the back more contoured or to correct sagging skin on the back. Back aesthetics usually involves reducing fat tissue with liposuction (fat suction).

This procedure gives the back a more defined and attractive shape. In addition, back aesthetics can often be performed in combination with other body plastic surgeries such as abdominoplasty or breast aesthetics. In this way, the person's body proportions can gain a more balanced and aesthetic appearance. Although back aesthetics is generally preferred for aesthetic reasons, in some cases it can also be performed to correct posture disorders or reduce back pain.


Back aesthetics is preferred in cases where the person wants to balance the body shape and achieve a more aesthetic appearance.

Who Can Have Back Aesthetic Surgery?

People who want to undergo back aesthetic surgery may generally be those who are uncomfortable with deformity due to fat accumulation in the back area or insufficient prominence of the back, those who want to correct congenital back anomalies, or those who seek solutions to loose skin problems in the back area after weight loss.

However, as with any surgical procedure, candidates should be evaluated by a plastic surgeon, taking into account factors such as general health status, preoperative expectations and surgical risks. As a result of this evaluation, it is decided whether the person is suitable for back aesthetic surgery.

How Long Does Back Aesthetic Operation Take?

Back aesthetic operations may take a few hours. This duration may vary depending on the type and complexity of the procedures to be performed on the back. For example, procedures such as liposuction (fat suction) on the back, back lift or implant placement on the back may be among the factors affecting the duration of the operation.

For this reason, it is important to have a detailed consultation with your doctor before the back aesthetic operation to get information about the duration and details of the operation. Your specialist surgeon can give you more precise information about the duration of the operation and guide your expectations after the operation.

What is the Recovery Process After Back Aesthetic Surgery?

The recovery process after back aesthetic surgery can vary from person to person, but it can usually take a few weeks. Pain and discomfort may be felt in the first days after surgery, so it is important to rest and use painkillers recommended by the doctor. During the healing process, swelling and bruising at the surgical site will decrease over time.

The wound should be dressed according to the doctor's instructions for wound healing and physical activities may be restricted for a certain period of time after surgery. However, you can gradually return to normal daily activities. Full recovery may take several months and regular medical check-ups are important during this period. With proper care and rest in the postoperative period, the risk of possible complications is reduced and the person recovers in a healthier way.

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